I met my lecturer for consultation today. I got something to share with you.

1) Private Morality
- Only you know. It is especially between you and God.
- Example is prayer. Nobody will realise if you don't perform your prayer.

2) Public Morality
- Moral based on society.
- Example is public kissing.

3) Legalizing Morality
- If the question ask about the legal duty to obey law its means legal duty to obey immoral law.
- Legal duty to obey law = legal duty to obey immoral law

4) Corrective justice
- Example is affirmative action.

5) Coventional justice
- Ideology of particular state.
- Example is Malaysian law is different with Singaporean law.

6) Res Judicata
- Repeated trials
- If the judge has been come out with final judgements, the accused cannot ask the court to re-trial. Or start the trial over again. No! The accused cannot do that. He only can appeal.
- For Federal court, if the judge has come out with the final judgement where there are no more appeal (Federal court is the highest court in Malaysia), the accused can appeal to the judge to review the judgement made.

7) If the question ask about COMPARE and CONTRAST, it means just give the differences between them.

8) Write the answer nicely. As long as the lecturer can read your writing, then it will be ok. If your writing is like 'cacing kerawit', you will in the dead meat. Haha~ So write nicely.


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