Positive Response

Salam to all...

Alhamdulillah finally she give a good response on my post yesterday. To be a 'sahabat' is not easy. Only when you reach certain measurements stated by ME, you can be my 'sahabat'. But I'm not going to tell you from what side I'm judging you.

There are some criteria to be fulfil as the term 'sahabat' is not for literal meaning. It have deep meaning and so hard to achieved unless you try very hard to achieved it. What is different between 'friend' and 'sahabat'? Yeah, it differ from the terms itself. You figure it out what is 'friend' and what is 'sahabat'...

Thanks to Allah finally you realize your goal here. Love is not your primary goal here. The most important goal is your parents' hope. They send you here in UiTM for what? For love? No!

Yes, love is natural. It is a 'fitrah'. But don't dissapoint your parents. If you failed your exam (Nauzubillah) because of love, you will realize that love is not significant (bcoz u are still study). When that happens, there will be no use to cry and regret. Everything is over. Prevention is better than cure right?



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