Final Examination Schedule

Salam to all..

Dear fellow classmates,

Exam is just around the corner. Study week start today. Please use your time wisely and don't just waste your time with games all the time!

We have nearly a week to see our lecturer for consultation. Ask them for advise on how to answer question and so on. We are going to get 4 flat right my dear fellow classmates? ^_^

Therefore you need to study. Success won't come without any effort to achieved it. Do revision and answer past year question ok?

Below are the schedule of my paper:

9 Mac -----> MTC 012----------> 9-11 a.m

11 Mac-----> BEL 120-----------> 9-11 a.m

16 Mac-----> MTC 016-----------> 9-11 a.m

17 Mac------> BEl 130------------> 9-11 a.m

20 Mac------> CSC 134------------> 9-11 a.m

After exam, I'm going to have a function with my classmates. We are going to waterfall and Tanjung Dawai to have some 'big' dinner..

I take this chance to seek for apologize with everyone of you. Please forgive me.

For my parents, please forgive me for everything I have done. Do give me your blessing. Pray for me..



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